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Gwendoline Giraffe with Balloons
A for Ardvark, Alligator, Airplane and Apples
'Umbrella days'
'Born in Oman'
Welcome little one
Wedding present illustration
Emily elephant with blueberries
'Benji racing home'
'The announcement'
Sebastian the Polar Bear
Wedding invitation
'His favourite things'
Church illustration
Church illustration
'I'm a surviver - so long 2016!'
Sporting Ducks!
A commission of a family dog
Daisies for Daisy
Toot Toot!
Labrador puppy playing
Rufus the Racing Rabbit!
Christmas Fox
Cordelia Rose
Mistletoe Robin
Aurelia the Kangaroo
Olive the Ostrich
Runaway Reindeer
'Opie the party pooch'
Gloria Grazie Greyhound
Bertie the Bulldog
Merci Mr Fox
Gerry the Giraffe
Baa Birthday Cards
'My Wander Dog'
Rose Robin
Tonic the Toucan
Percy the party Pelican
'Ellie and Duck'
Let them eat Cake!
Logo design for a cake company
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